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New Orleans, Festive Epicenter

It seems like every big city in America has its own flavor of festivity. New York has the fancy fireworks and confetti of the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop, Los Angeles has the glamour of its exclusive Hollywood nightclubs, while Las Vegas is a sinners’ paradise where everything is unraveled – and eventually forgotten. Yet[…]


Vegas, A Vibrant Oasis

Welcome back to the latest chapter of my American travels! As the Christmas season nears, may this blog series inspire you to craft your own memorable holiday adventure. To give you all context on this recent trip, my sons and I have spent the rest of our 2017 holidays in San Francisco, then flying to[…]


New York City’s Lights, Sounds, And Snow

What could be more symbolic of America than New York City? As the center of arts, fashion, and dining, it’s a melting pot that has been romanticized in many films and TV shows. Here’s where the Statue of Liberty rises mighty and proud, standing for hope over uncertainty, triumph over tragedy, and for many years,[…]


Bonjour, Paris!

Last 2017, Paris was listed as the third most visited city in the world. The Eiffel Tower continues to be the most visited paid-for monument, while The Louvre is the world’s most visited museum. Even more notable is its ability to enrapture the hearts of many for generations, even decades before it was widely romanticized[…]