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Germany: Exploring The Bavarian Fairytale of Munich

Picture Germany and you’d likely envision its fairytale castles, overflowing pints of Oktoberfest beer, and the industrial might of automobile makers BMW and Mercedes-Benz. This is what I exactly found in my latest trip to the country, in the picturesque city of Munich, where one can find pretty much everything –  sans the proverbial Berlin[…]


Relaxing In Santa Barbara County

California – it’s the home of gorgeous beaches, Silicon Valley, and of course, Hollywood. Still, the state’s wine industry is also notable, often held at the same prestige as French and Italian winemakers. But on one of my trips here, I skipped the well-known region of Napa Valley, and opted for a retreat down south,[…]


Turkey: A Fascinating Journey Between East and West

Travel can sometimes take you to many places at once. Why? There are countries firmly placed on the East (such as Taiwan), and those that are undeniably Western (the UK and France) in culture and in geography. Yet there are also a handful of nations that straddle both worlds, nations that mix and match elements[…]


Taiwan: An Island Jewel & Foodie Paradise

Taiwan – it’s an island that’s so close in proximity to the Philippines, but feels like a world away from our Hispanicized culture. Sure, there’s Din Tai Fung and Acer, but that’s just the tip of the country’s cultural iceberg. I recently set forth for our northern neighbor and spent 4 days exploring its charming[…]