Milan: An Architectural Wonder

As much as it was painful to leave Paris  after just a short time, my companions and I were extremely excited to jet set to the Italian counterpart of France’s fashion capital.

The moment we stepped out of the airport, I had a strong feeling that our trip would go on as planned. Besides perfect, there were no other words to describe the weather. The sun was up, and it was neither too hot nor too cold. This means that we won’t be having a hard time walking through the streets of Milan. Like Paris and much of Europe, there’s really no better way to explore the city than on foot.


Our first stop was Duomo di Milano–or Milan Cathedral. Being the largest cathedral in Italy (and the world’s third largest), we’re not too surprised that its construction took nearly six centuries to finish. That’s easily eight lifetimes! Although the cathedral is an impressive sight, to this date, there are still sections that are left unfinished due to setbacks and lack of money. Still–the intricacy of the walls and statues are undoubtedly outstanding, that it’s almost a sin not to go up close and observe. I recommend going up to the roof for a close-up view of the sculptures that would be difficult to view on- ground.


Not too far off from the cathedral is the equally impressive Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II—or shortened as the Galleria. It is the country’s oldest shopping center and a must- visit tourist spot. Despite its lengthy heritage, the Galleria has been well-maintained throughout the years. Similar to much of Italy’s major landmarks, the shopping mall features a neoclassical architecture which consists of a gargantuan arching glass and cast iron roof, which was widely popular in the 19th century.


Of course, what would a trip to Milan be without some shopping? When my friends and I were planning this trip, one thing was a non-negotiable; we had to go to the Serravalle Italie Outlet. It houses 240 stores from labels that speak to sneaker heads, leather aficionados, bag enthusiasts, trend setters, even trend conformers! Almost literally, there is a brand for everyone. It even features brands that usually elude outlets like Saint Laurent and Versace. Even more exciting is finding pieces that are a fraction of the price versus their in-season counterparts found in the Galleria. And yes, the relatively modest price tags are available all year long. Just walking along the streets is a treat in itself, because of the classic Italian architecture. A few restaurants and cafes can also be found in the outlet.


Our time in Milan was mostly dedicated to exploring the city on foot. We even chanced upon a soon-to-rise Jollibee! As much as we love our Chicken Joy and Peach Mango pie, we opted to dine in La Terrazza Dei Cavalieri. Located in the heart of the city at piazza Giuseppe Missori, the Terrazza is a popular restaurant because of its exquisite location that boasts a panoramic scope of Milan from the rooftop bar.


A few days certainly isn’t enough to explore the entirety of Milan. I certainly will be going back in the future—perhaps with my family! But for now, it’s time to say ciao.


Stay tuned to my next adventure. #WorldJuanderer

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