The First Time I JUANdered

68 countries. 167 cities. And, a whole lot of adventure still awaits.


When I was young, a lot of people have asked me why have I not traveled to Europe or any other continent, for that matter- why was I traveling to the United States of America over and over again.
It dawned to me that the only reason I was frequently visiting the country was because everyone was doing so. I was lured by the opportunities America could offer. That American dream of good life has been the catalyst for voyage. The thrill and excitement of learning new culture and places have been my constant inspiration.

Central Park

Stroll around Central Park, New York

Aspen Colorado 6

Snow mobiling in Aspen, Colorado

Salt Mine

Experienced the finest art masterpiece in Salt Museum, Poland

Metropolitan Museum

Sat on the famous steps of Museum of Modern Art, New York

Machu Picchu

Unearthed the UNESCO World Heritage Machu Picchu in Peru

Tirana, Albania

Immerse in rich and unfamiliar culture of Albania


And now, ever since the travel bug has bitten me, I can no longer stop the urge to hop on a plane and set my foot on the unknown. A friend once told me to break the routine and explore new places.
Right then and there, I have realized I was missing a big part of the world. I began my journey in Europe and things have never been the same for me.


Life is one big adventure and traveling has proven me this quest is worth every bumpy plane ride.

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