The Island of Blues & Whites My Grecian Chronicle Part 2

 Ah, Santorini! When one thinks about this island, a picture of white & blue houses lined with paradisal beaches come to mind. But Santorini is, indeed much more than this. The island’s birth came after a huge eruption formed a crescent-shaped island at around 1620BC. Back in 2018, Santorini has evolved into one of the most visited places in the world. Truthfully, its natural beauty doesn’t make this surprising at all!


One can’t say that he or she has truly been to Santorini without experiencing a good view of the horizon as dusk kicks in. Arguably one of the world’s most scenic sunsets, the sun’s rays paint the island’s pristine white canvas with a warm orange tint. While some visitors take only a few quick snaps and go about their business, it’s best to cherish its beauty from start ‘till end—perhaps with a glass of wine or two. Although access to this natural wonder is free, one of the best places to experience this is at the Castle of Agios Nikolaos.


Viewing Santorini’s sunset was a wonderful experience—not only because of its spectacular view, but also because of the celebration around it. Tourists and locals patiently wait for the sun to fully set. Left in awe, all the people in the vicinity start applauding, as if asking for an encore.

         When in Santorini, it’s time to shy away from our usual favorites in favor of the fresh and flavorful Santorinian cuisine. There is absolutely no shortage of food stops in the island.

Kipos Café-Wine Restaurant in Santorini will always have a special place in my heart. It will always be a favorite of mine because of its palatable dishes and the memories that come with it. Exactly nine years ago, my friends and I dined, laughed, and enjoyed ourselves here. Fast track to today, our friendship continues to grow. It’s always so wonderful to have a special place!


While I love traveling on my own, every now and then, I personally love going on adventures with my dear friends. Time just goes by so quickly when you’re with good company. And it’s as if you become more courageous and less tired when you have someone with you. Santorini isn’t a particularly huge island, but there’s so much exploring to do from the tourist spots to the rare gems that hide along narrow alleys.


We briefly chanced upon Blue Dome Hotel. And the reviews and images you see online are definitely not exaggerated. It’s truly a very beautiful hotel. I almost didn’t want to leave!


We visited a few art galleries in Greece that are worth visiting. Although widely known for its ancient artifacts, Greece is very much involved with the more contemporary art forms.


Santorini, I would always love to experience you over and over again! We would also want to share with you this Santorinian experience. Call our Travel Specialists today to #JuanderWithUs.

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