4 Hotels In Asia We Can’t-Wait To Visit Soon

While we’re all safe in our own homes, here at World Juanderer, we’re still highly keen on discovering the finest places to stay once it’s OK to travel again. The plush openings of top accommodations still continuing around Asia definitely help, from a glittering hot spring hotel in Taiwan’s Central Mountains to a “forest within a forest” in the spiritual heartland of Bhutan. In our latest blog, we’ve gathered the best Asian luxury hotels our team can’t wait to visit soon.

  1. Hotel the Mitsui, Kyoto, Japan


Set in what was previously the home of a feudal family, Hotel The Mitsui is a splashy new property that’s described to be at the very pinnacle of leisure in Japan. Inside, guests can look forward to appreciating its beautiful ancient architecture, such as a 300-year-old traditional gate, elegant stone gardens, and stunning modern suites. Plus, its two restaurants will make foodies’ mouths water too, as they utilize the freshest ingredients from all over the country.

  1. Six Senses Bumthang, Bhutan

Seeking a meditation and wellness getaway far from home? Might as well have it in the Kingdom of Bhutan, where the new Six Senses Bumthang awaits. Known as a “Forest Within A Forest”, this sophisticated lodge was master-planned in deep thought, resulting in spacious, earthy interiors and calming views of pines and trout-filled streams below the hillside. When one is recharged, we recommend exploring the nearby monasteries, where Vajrayana Buddhist monks and nuns can teach you how to peacefully coexist with the silence of the Himalayas.

  1. Banyan Tree, Krabi, Thailand

Having recently opened in October, the Banyan Tree Krabi is an immersion in tropical utopia, overlooking limestone towers, the glistening Andaman Sea, and a lush National Park. Yet its star attraction is perhaps the 72 sea-facing suites and villas, each with its own private pool, with some giving you access to powdery white sand and sapphire waters. Yet its most unique offering is probably the Bird’s Nest culinary experience, which puts diners at private tables perched among the treetops.

  1. Hoshinoya Guguan, Taichung, Taiwan

It’s as if you’ve discovered the baths of the gods. At the Hoshinoya Guguan, a Japanese prestige property in Taichung, choose from one of fifty gorgeously decorated rooms laid out maisonette style, all offering serene views of verdant mountain scenery. When settled, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a museum of purely natural art, where the sound of water is ever-present, and the hot spring waterfalls thunder onto the secluded outdoor baths, revitalizing your skin and relaxing your mind. Afterward, cool off with some delectable gourmet shaved ice and some Taiwanese tea, right at their open-air lounge that allows you to ponder and feel the brisk mountain breeze.

Now’s the perfect time to reserve your next getaway in Asia, in a celebrated hotel very few have stayed in. Book that future luxury vacation with the help of our World Juanderer travel specialists. #SeekYourAdventure

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