Bringing Some of Amsterdam’s Lesser Known Museums Into the Limelight

Known for its alluring beauty composed of colorful houses, romantic canals, coffee shops that serve special treats, and the infamous Red Light District, Amsterdam is definitely a part of many’s bucketlists.

To history buffs or even casual travelers, you may be itching to go to the Anne Frank Museum to chance upon her chronicles during a time of great conflict and oppression; or you may also be longing to see the acclaimed works of Van Gogh in his four-story museum. But did you know that Amsterdam is filled with unique specialty museums.


Museum of Bags and Purses

Finally, a museum for bag aficionados! The Museum of Bags and Purses has a collection of more than 4,000 pieces of historic handbags, purses, and suitcases. Some of the bags date back all the way to the 16th century.  A few of the brands that we’ve come to love and respect are also present in the museum; these include the earlier works of Chanel and Hermès.

The museum features the progression of the commonly used bags in the early 16th century to the more contemporary pieces. The earliest bags in the collection are small and mainly used to carry money and keys. Eventually, when women’s fashion became a bit more form-fitting, handbags were brought into the spotlight.


Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum

Much like the news that we’ve seen about cannabis and its groundbreaking contributions to health, the museum aims to educate visitors about the history, medicinal, and cultural purposes of the plant. A section of the museum is also dedicated to showing the many uses of hemp from agricultural, to industrial, and even clothing.


Street Art Museum Amsterdam

With the right hands, street art is exactly that—art. Else, it may look like an out of place vandalism. The Street Art Museum Amsterdam or SAMA participates with local artists in promoting the beauty of street art. Aiming to create a healthy dialogue and raising the quality of life in the community, the museum uses this art form to promote its beliefs and aspirations.

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Torture Museum

Listed as one of the most unusual museums, the Torture Museum offers a one of a kind experience. The interior imbibes the dark pieces it houses. All rooms are poorly lit with a maze-like layout. One to two torture devices can be found in every room with images and articles of how and why it was used.


These museums may not be as popular as the museums of Anne Frank and Vincent Van Gogh, but they make Amsterdam all the more distinctive and colorful.

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