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I honestly feel like I really do not have to lay down all the reasons why you should visit London because even just hearing the word “London” will stimulate you already in booking tickets or simply picturing yourself in the city.

London is beautiful. No matter how many times you visit this place, it will never leave you disappointed. The people, food, shopping experience and the tourist spots will push you to visit this place with the people you love the most.

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1Tower of London

If you #JuanderWithUs, you might experience the notable events of the world like the Armistice Day—a memorial day observed in Commonwealth of Nations member states since the end of the First World War to remember their armed forces who have died in the line of duty. The special ceremony happened in Tower of London. The feeling was surreal and I’ll definitely remember this day from then on.



The next destination that I will feature is the Piccadilly Circus London. Night time or day time, Piccadilly Circus London is a place you cannot miss. It leaves you like a child wondering in a neon-lit circus. It’s more majestic during night time because it lights up the whole circle and it will definitely leave you posing for your Instagram feeds.


Another place that is famous for its beautiful set of city lights is the Oxford Street, London. You might have heard this place before especially if you’re avid fans of fashion, shopping and everything in between. This place is famous for chains of stores where you can buy souvenirs for your family and friends. Here I am posing in the street because surprisingly, there were no people! This place is usually jam-packed by tourists and locals but that day was unusual, so it deserved a snapshot.


Mornings in London invite either an early walk or a tour in the ever-famous red double decker bus. There’s nothing quite like the experience of exploring London on a red double-decker bus and seeing some of the most noteworthy spots in the world from its top deck. This bus is even extraordinary because its vintage and we’re all avid fans of everything vintage! Never leave London without riding this experiential bus, or even taking a photo behind it!


I really hope all of you have eaten because the next destinations I will feature will only revolve around food, wine and coffee that will definitely boost your gastronomy cravings in life.

I spent one of my London mornings here at Thomas’ at Burberry Regent Street. This place is like an oasis amidst the busy streets of London. A part of me does not want to reveal this place to many because it might disrupt its peaceful vibe, but I couldn’t help it. Juanderers, trust me when I say this place is highly recommended if you fancy a laid-back morning over a glass of wine.


But if you want to highlight your wine experience, there’s nowhere better than having the experience of your lifetime at Selfridges, London especially when it’s happy hour! This place is not only famous for its drinks but its whole department store experience as a whole. It definitely revolutionized the way people shop by being a department store that forefront innovation and class.


The final feature of my gastronomic experience in London is at Ivy Tower Bridge with some good friends. There’s nothing that can beat great food and great company. This place offers a relaxed, elevated neighborhood vibe with an all-day menu of gourmet that you might never forget. If only I could, I would have gotten one of everything in the menu because they all look so sumptuous. I was right and I’d definitely recommend this place if you long for good food over deep conversations with friends or even your lover.

That’s it for my London blog and I really hope you book your tickets now after reading all these experiences. #JuanderWithUs as we visit more places you’ll surely love. If you want to visit London like how #WorldJuanderer did, contact our travel specialists today.


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