To Juanderers, From Paris with Love


Paris, the ever-famous French capital city consistently protects its global reputation as a mecca of fashion, art, beauty, history and gastronomy. This ultra-cosmopolitan capital is also known as the City of Light, City of Love and the Capital of Fashion. In this blog, I would walk you through the reasons why this place is considered these ways, crafted to all Juanderers out there, from Paris with love.

Not only because this place boasts internationally famous attractions, the energy of the people will leave you remembering the city as well. Your eyes will see nothing but beauty and vivacity which are all better in person. #JuanderWithUs and talk to our travel specialists today because you might just have the best travel experience of a lifetime with #WorldJuanderer, beyond the emblematic Eiffel Tower.


Since you’re already in Paris, find a place to stay that will maximize your cravings for luxury. Should you fancy a moment feeling like a star in your favorite fairytale, stay in one of the real-world fantasy palace hotels like Ritz Paris. This place boasts class, art and elegance in every sight I lay my eyes on.  I finally understood why Ernest Hemingway said, “When I dream of afterlife in heaven, the action always takes place in the Paris Ritz” because the feeling of an immediate heaven can be felt here. Although it is pricey, the worth of the experience is threefold.


Another hotel to fancy about is the Hotel Royal Saint-Honore, which stands a block from the Seine and Musée du Louvre. It’s an immaculate hotel housed in an elegant Haussmannian building. Everything about this place is aesthetically pleasing, leaving you with a feeling of staying inside a museum full of masterpieces. If you have been wondering what it feels like to live in a museum, try booking this hotel on your Paris tour.


I have walked you through my favorite hotels in Paris captured by yours truly and now, I will show you one of the top restaurants in Paris that you can never miss: Le Procope Café-Glacier Depuis 1686.

This historical café proudly claims to be the world’s first genuine literary café and one of the oldest restaurants in Paris. Stories even say that it marked the birth of the European coffeehouse that we are all familiar with. Imagine allowing the stresses of the day be devoured in this restaurant where some of the famous American revolutionary figures like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin usually hang out.  If you feel the pressure, you might want to discuss important matters and debate regarding life principles with your friends or family members while enjoying the good food they offer.



Just an unsolicited travel tip from your #WorldJuanderer: If you’re traveling to Paris, please see the Eiffel Tower. It’s as simple and as easy as that. Whether on day time or night time, Eiffel Tower will always leave you feeling magical and mesmerized.


The highlight of this Paris blog is the Louis Vuitton 2019 Cruise. It was all glitz and glamour with fashion, friends and fancy cocktails. The collection that was paraded by the models were nothing but works of art. There really is no words to describe the masterpieces displayed by the models. Who knows? You might experience these events when you book your travels with us.

#JuanderWithUs as we visit more places you’ll surely love. If you want to visit and experience Paris like no other, inquire with our travel specialists today.

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