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Enjoy a worry-free holiday from our wide-range of travel itineraries--be it from Asia-Pacific, Europe, America, or Africa. How does a Mediterranean cruise in summer or a Scandinavian trip in winter sound like? Experience culture first-hand and juander with us.


3 days     •     $4800

Immerse yourself in the pristine tropical beauty of this remote island hideaway at Four Season Resort Maldives. Experience the natural world in a luxurious resort setting.

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12 days     •     $17225

Immerse yourself in the vast wilderness and spectacular and dramatic wonders of the icy continent of Antarctica. After you explore Chilean Patagonia, fly over the Drake Passage to board your comfortable expedition ship in the South Shetland Islands. From there, cruise farther south past glittering icebergs and white mountains, accompanied by whales, seals, penguins and the famed wandering albatross on your unforgettable journey to Antarctica.

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9 days     •     $3850

Nashville and Memphis, two legendary cradles of modern music, offer exceptional opportunities for Signature Experiences, from reserved seats at the world-famous Grand Ole Opry to the Jungle room at Graceland. Step back in time as you explore a 19th century plantation and enjoy true Southern hospitality at your country mansion hotel. Your silvertoned journey culminates in the multi-cultural melting pot of New Orleans, renowned for its unparalleled cuisine. Southern Grace sets a new standard of excellence here too with its Creole Cooking Class and Celebration Meal.

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12 days     •     $6116

Delve into the mysterious world of the Inca empire on this stylish exploration of Peru. Every detail is taken care of from the pulsating capital of Lima, to the mist-cloaked mountains and halcyon waters of South America’s largest lake. While Cusco, the Sacred Valley and the lost city of Machu Picchu all bristle with Incan promise, it’s the more modern inhabitants that takes this tour to Andean heights.

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15 days     •     $7420

Our French Elegance itinerary is meticulously designed to do the same. Find expression in a simple Japanese water garden like Monet's at Giverny. Look beyond the ramparts in medieval Guérande to uncover the source for the world famous fleur de sel. Discover excellent oysters in the tiny port of Cancale. Open your eyes and thrill your palate with the help of one of France's finest chefs. And do it all while enjoying the elevated level of comfort and convenience of luxury gold services.

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10 days     •     $5425

Winding high among the world-famous peaks of the Swiss Alps, the Majestic Switzerland itinerary is designed to provide a breathtakingly elevated experience both literally and figuratively. Here, idyllic alpine passes, a Michelin-starred meal, and perhaps the highest expression of both cheese and chocolate, meet the lofty standards for quality and service that are the hallmark of a Luxury Gold vacation.

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