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Enjoy a worry-free holiday from our wide-range of travel itineraries--be it from Asia-Pacific, Europe, America, or Africa. How does a Mediterranean cruise in summer or a Scandinavian trip in winter sound like? Experience culture first-hand and juander with us.


11 days     •     $13750

Taste Portugal’s famous port wine, Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, Explore the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao with a private cocktail for Silver Explorer guests only! Savour France’s Bordeaux wine region, Wander amidst beautiful subtropical gardens in the Channel Islands, Partake in culinary events aboard and ashore, Sample oysters, crêpes and pintxos, Visit World War II D-Day sites in Normandy.

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15 days     •     $10950

Explore the underwater world of tropical fish, feather stars, nudibranches, vase sponges, Gorgonian fans, octopus, morays and sharks, learn about the John Frum cargo cult, see the active volcano Tavurvur and hike up to the rim of active Mount Yasur on Tanna, discover Mbike Island and marvel at Njari Island and the surrounding waters, enter the Johann Albrecht Harbour, the 5-kilometre-wide flooded caldera of Garove volcano –one of the few calderas in the world a ship can enter, birders will be on the lookout for birds of paradise while hiking to the hot springs and geysers on Fergusson Island, explore the Kwapurina ‘Fjord’ by local canoe.

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19 days     •     $14950

On our voyage from Japan to the Sea of Okhotsk we will visit an area rife in history –Vitus Bering and other explorers started from here towards Alaska- and extremely rich in wildlife. The Sea of Okhotsk is probably one of the least visited areas in the rarely visited Russian Far East, but will offer marvellous opportunities for wildlife observation. With Okhotsk we visit a small town linked to Vitus Bering, with Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy we visit the cultural and political centre of Kamchatka, before heading south through the Kuril Islands, a geothermal wonderland of volcanoes and hot springs. During our voyage we will look out for whales, seals and huge populations of migratory seabirds. Sailing in the month of August and September, we will take advantage of the mid-summer sun. This is one of the world’s great journeys, an expedition that beckons nature and history lovers, and those intrepid explorers who want to go where few others have gone.

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23 days     •     $11924

Visit the most remote archipelago in the world on this mind-stretching adventure. Be prepared for astounding diversity: sea-lions, seals, dolphins, albatrosses and penguins are just some of the wildlife you can expect to see. Absorb the vastness of the South Atlantic Ocean with unforgettable views as the spectacular scenery unfolds before you.

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121 days     •     $54850

It is, indeed, a beautiful world and this magnificent voyage from Los Angeles to Rome casts a spotlight on all of its richness — mesmerising landscapes like the blue lagoons of Polynesia and splendours of New Zealand. Ancient wonders from Angkor Wat and the Taj Mahal to the epic monuments that straddle the banks of the Red Sea. The ingenuity of modern-day man is also on display: Sydney’s Opera House, the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur, the soaring skylines of Singapore and Hong Kong, forever competing in a global race skyward. La Grande Bellezza was designed to encompass priceless treasures like these. Although the ultimate prize may be more metaphysical — the pampered indulgence of your butler, the intimate ship and highly personalised service, the luxury of your spacious suite and culinary excellence and diversity of the cuisine — the joy of a Silversea journey, itself.

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