From 20th of October to the big 31st, everyone is busy searching and crafting their costumes, planning decorations and seeking for recipes to make their ordinary cookies spooky. This time, we are being taken over by monsters and ghosts which we are all cordially invited to join and the only thing to really be scared of is missing out every bit of it.

We love Halloween because it is centered around the idea of having fun and letting lose with those around us. We are avid fans of dressing up, being silly and you know what? That’s all that really matters on this holiday. We don’t have to worry about gifts for other people. Instead, we should be worried about the scary pranks that we should be able to pull. Halloween has no obligations; it’s all about going out and having a good time.

The best reason why we should all be part of it is not just because there’s free candies, but because it allows us to be whoever we want to be.. at least for a night. This idea pushes a huge confidence boost and grants a day where we can all escape reality.


This year, I spent my first ever Halloween in Upper Manhattan, New York. As we all know, this place is famous for everything extravagant and Halloween is not an exception. Although, I really couldn’t wait to turn all these spooky decorations into Christmas ones, I still made the most out of the present festivity. Whether we’re looking for a Haunted House, a real street of The Purge, or simple seasonal cocktails, there’s something in the city for every taste.


I did not put a whole ton of effort for my costume but I made sure I, at least have an element which people can lay their eyes on— my masks. I enjoyed my Halloween with these two masks. One is the black skull with highlights of wheels,  zippers, and chains. It’s simple but it can definitely complement the occasion. The other one is a gold diabolical mask of studs, wheels and the best part— horns. With these, I was ready to join the Halloween parade with my family and friends.


New Yorkers gathered altogether and showcased their bravery and spirit with the variety of costumes during the Halloween Parade this year. This part of the celebration is nearly a 50-year-old tradition that invites city dwellers and tourists to watch or join the parade. Security was in all-time high because of the amount of goers for this year. Everyone made sure they put on their best representation of their costumes and spread the real spirit of Halloween.


The 45th Annual NYC Halloween parade is one of the biggest events of the year having 50,000 participants from dancers, artists, and thousands of New Yorkers in costume. Indeed, people can always use their creativity as an excuse for their insanity

One of the highlights of this year’s parade was the dancing ladies dressed up as Wonder Woman. The fighting spirit of the all the women definitely dispersed around the place. 


It was a Halloween well spent in New York. I would definitely invite more friends to come back and experience this again.



Another special feature of my New York trip was the TCS New York City Marathon. It is an annual marathon that courses through five boroughs of New York City. Considered as the largest marathon in the world, I took all the chances to witness this special event. 

50,000 runners with months of training, 10,000 volunteers who pitched in, and a million-plus spectators of friends, family members who cheered from the sidelines. The numbers are enough to prove how important the day was.


With its line, “It Will Move You” so many lives of runners have changed over the past years due to this marathon. It brings them closer to themselves. After all, the main goal of the New York Road Runners is to help and inspire people through running.



I remember having tears in my eyes when I saw a runner with a print on her shirt stating, “For you Dad”. There are just so many runners who all have their own stories willing to be told through this marathon and we were all there to hear it.


We stayed in the finish line with other thousand anticipators, and it was the most intense feeling ever. There were some who finished with deep emotions— crying, hugging and some who seem like they need a hospital break. However, everyone had smiles on their faces. Some definitely felt how the marthon changed them right away, and some needed some time to realize it. Stronger mental health and driven spirit will definitely be one of the benefits after running for this event. For the spectators, it became an inward lesson of courage, determination and grit leaving the message that anything really is possible when you believe.


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