Viva, Europa: A Continental Escapade Part II

Indeed, travelling is the only thing you spend on that can make you richer. Every time I travel, there are so many things I gain along the way. From the people, the culture, the events, I can really conclude that there are no boundaries at all. We may all be different but it’s really the diversity that we celebrate in this life.

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places to visit. However, it is also one of the most expensive countries in Europe. As we all know, beauty has a price and trust me when I say every bit of your penny is just going to be worth it. The breathtaking lakes, the picturesque mountain ranges, the postcard worthy medieval towns, and the greenest fields with animals you have never seen before are all up to be anticipated.

Touchdown Engelberg, an alpine town in central Switzerland. It is quite popular but there are little haunts you can explore around and feel like it was your own discovery. When I got here, I wished I had another pair of eyes that can document every sight I have laid my eyes on. It’s definitely one of the best memories I can keep. It’s a place you’d want all of your loved ones to visit someday.



Going to Switzerland is like going to the heart of Europe. The food are strongly influenced by bordering countries, Germany, France and Italy as well as the immigrants who have been living there for the longest time.


Mt. Titlis is one of the most popular attractions in Engelberg., It is Switzerland’s loftiest peak. The breathtaking journey began inside the aerial cable car going towards the top of Mt. Titlis where you’ll see the wide ski resort and the Alpine vistas. Of course, there is no better time to ski than that moment.


At the top of Mt. Titlis, the first thing you can really do is to pray and thank God for that beautiful creation. It was like a dream come true— like I was on top of the world and from that moment, my worries and stresses were gone.

When I was in Mountain Titlis, I couldn’t help but wait for Elsa to sing Let It Go because you’ll just feel it. But nothing beats the next destination where I almost feel like a child walking by a real story book.

Lucerne is a town straight out of fairy tales. Switzerland has the power to let you feel like you’re in your utopia. It was just unbelievable— with crooked wooden bridges, old paintings and historical spots. It could be the water coursing through the River Reuss, or the warm feel of the Lake Lucerne but there is just an undeniable magical ambience that emanates through this place. We were blessed with sunshine, warmth and blue skies that you’d just really want to walk around the place all the time.


The last place we visited in Switzerland was Schaffhausen. It was home to colorful medieval houses. The warmth of the people makes you destroy your itinerary and just really get lost and stroll through the streets because everyone was just really friendly.


I hope after today, you’ll remember Switzerland as a place that is worth visiting. This place is a faraway wonderland, almost like a painting that you can immerse yourself to.



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