November To Remember In Aspen

Excited when I saw this banner at the airport

As we boarded the plane to Los Angeles, California, I thought I would have the usual vacation. We spent a good 2 days with family and friends before moving to Aspen, Colorado where a winter adventure awaited us.

When we arrived at the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, a stunning view of rocky mountains and the Snowmass Resort welcomed us. The lobby of the hotel projected a modern vintage façade. It was so inviting that we couldn’t help but feel cozy and at home. Our room was very homey and elegant. And when we looked out the window, we could see a scenic view of the Aspen Mountain. We toured around the facilities and found an inviting hot spring pool that was perfect for the cold weather. We strolled some more and discovered a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the hotel area that was to be lit that night. Donald Trump was the hotel’s guest of honor for the tree lighting.

Travelling to Aspen during the Christmas holiday season is probably one of the best times because the place exuded the most beautiful and picturesque landscapes I have ever seen. The tradition of lighting the tree at night made the scenery more dramatic and solemn. We also witnessed the chorale singing while the light was being lit up from the top of the St. Regis going up to the tip of the tree.  After the ceremony, we went back inside and had dinner at Chef’s Club.

Trying out the Chefs Club by Food and Wine was also one of the memorable things that we did in Aspen. Aside from having a menu curated by world-class chefs, the service was beyond expected and of course, food was incredible. I highly recommend staying at this hotel and dining at the restaurant because it was worth every cent.

As we went along the itinerary, we travelled to the Snowmass Ski Resort the following day and arrived there by one in the afternoon. We spent overnight  camping at the resort. It was such an exciting experience to be cooking your own food and staying in a cabin with only heater as a source of warmth. The next day we had a whole lot of fun skiing and snowmobiling. We had our lessons the whole day and to our surprise, we had the resort as a playground to ourselves. We were also lucky to see Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith at the same resort.

For our last night in Aspen, we wandered downtown and spent the afternoon going in and out of shops and galleries. Dinner at a French Alpine Bistro, Creperie du Village, was not to be missed. Aside from its cozy ambiance, their food was excellent. Two thumbs up for Joues De Veau!

Aspen at night was indescribable. Apart from activities that you can do, the stunning view left us in awe and this is, by far, the best winter experience we’ve ever had.

Right before we headed back to the airport, we dropped by Hotel Jerome to grab some lunch. After that we were ready and off to another adventure!

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