Bali has a reputation for being a leisure and entertainment destination with its pristine beaches, hospitable locals, and vibrant nightlife. Yet beyond that, the island has an underlying sense of peace and serenity fewer tourists actually experience. There were temples and scenic sights that made me reflect on the beauty of life and the majesty of the local surroundings. Follow me, Cristina Doble (@cristinadoble), #TheRoamingReveler of #WorldJuanderer as I explore the awe-inspiring wonders of Indonesia’s most famous island.

I started my trip in Uluwatu Temple and it was absolutely breathtaking! Perched on top of the steep cliff at approximately 70 metres above sea level is one of the six key temples of Bali’s spiritual pillars. The temple directly overlooks the Indian Ocean. I am honestly left speechless when saw the sun set while I have my dinner!


Next stop is the Batuan Temple which is located in the Batuan village. The term ‘batuan’ refers to the ancient tradition in which standing stones served as meeting places and ceremonial sites to worship their ancestral spirits. Every corner of the temple is filled with intricately carved ancient ornaments that withstood hundreds of years and that has different philosophical functions. Some ornaments are considered as a reflection of The Ramayana Epic story.

pura batuan temple

Tibumana Falls is an exciting trip for me because it’s considered as the island’s best kept secret. On the way there, I passed through a spectacular road with plenty of palm trees lining up in neat rows. Definitely worthy of an Instagram post!


Lastly, I went to the gateway of heaven located in the majestic Pura Luhur Lempuyang Temple. The temple is considered as one of the oldest and most venerated temples on the island. Before I got to the temple, I had to hike! It was tiring but worth every step because I was able to reflect on my way up there. The natural surroundings was very inspiring. The locals believed that hikers who have a heavy heart will never make it to the top so I did my best to keep a positive attitude no matter how tiring it was.

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If it weren’t for #WorldJuanderer, I wouldn’t discover my inner peace. Bali was truly a beautiful place to retreat to. If you want to find your inner peace, I highly recommend that you contact #WorldJuanderer because they organize amazing trips that suit your preferences. They will always be #WithYouWhileYoureOutThere so tune in to my next adventure!

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