Literary Escapes: 2018’s Up and Coming Travel Trend

 Travel has been transformed by digital, with social media becoming an integral part of every vacation experience. Yet today, more and more jet setters are heading towards the opposite direction – that is, according to a 2018 trend report by Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Wanting to escape their connected way of life, they now long to go back to an era of simpler living, finding comfort in timeless pleasures like literature.

From hotels immersing their guests in fiction-themed experiences, to tours that pay homage to classic novels, here are a few travel ideas to help you plan your literary-themed holiday.

  1. American Hospitality at The Betsy South Beach and Plaza Hotel

 The next time you’re in Miami, drop by the historic The Betsy South Beach, with its variety of literature-focused initiatives.

From a wide selection of American books found in every suite, to daily bookmarks that feature poetry from Pulitzer Prize finalist Hyam Plutzik, to its Betsy Writers’ Room, it is an inspiring hotel where one can get in touch with American literary history. Here, you can even interact with the visiting artists invited to take up residency at the hotel.


Still, if you’re a book lover planning to head to the Big Apple – we recommend staying at the iconic Plaza Hotel, home to opulent rooms inspired by The Great Gatsby, and the famous literary character Eloise, whose suite was custom-made by fashion designer Betsey Johnson.

  1. A Cultural Sightseeing Holiday in The U.K.

 From novels, to plays, to poems, and films, British literature has contributed immensely to the global arts scene. This makes the U.K an excellent destination for your next literary tour.

We suggest starting your itinerary in London, where one can explore the rich world of detective Sherlock Holmes on his home in Baker Street – as well as watching an authentic Shakespearean performance at The Globe. Going further, one can also head into the classic British Library, where you can find the earliest versions of a few iconic works, such as Alice in Wonderland.

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  1. Following A Renowned Author’s Footsteps in Cartagena, Colombia

Latin America also plays a significant role in international literature, home to Nobel Prize winners such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez from Colombia. If you’d like to discover the place that inspired much of his work (such as 100 Years of Solitude), you can look no further than the city of Cartagena.

Behind its colorful walls, one can see here centuries of history, faith, and flavors – the result of a striking fusion of Spanish, African, and native cultures. Here, get to visit a few places mentioned in Marquez’s many works. These include several Caribbean restaurants, the vibrant plaza of San Pedro Claver Church, and even a 17th century building that was the setting of one religious-romantic novel.



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