Stay Safe, Travel Smart: What to Expect in the New Normal

Countries are starting to reopen after the long period of lockdown. At the same time, travel restrictions are slowly easing up to accommodate tourists who are craving for adventures. But one thing is sure: traveling will never be the same anymore. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) imposed critical steps and coordinated actions for the travel industry by featuring new standards and protocols in order to provide a safe and responsible way to help recover the global travel and tourism industry.

Travel will most likely return on a domestic level first as foreign travel would be highly unlikely to happen this year. Personal space is more important now – a feature local trips can offer by giving travelers personal control and security to their trips. Planning to travel soon? Read on as World Juanderer lists down important factors you need to consider when you finally step out to #SeekYourAdventure! 


1. Consider your destination and their protocols

Right now, domestic travel is starting to open up for a safe, cautious trip. So it’s important to research thoroughly on your destination and their travel guidelines. Check how their local government unit handled the pandemic so you would know that you’re in a safe place.

2. Book and pay online

When it comes to your accommodation, look for hotels that offer private rooms and have safety guidelines and protocols. Don’t be shy to ask questions such as their sanitation practices since you’ll be spending your nights there and you don’t want to lose a wink of sleep from worrying.

3. Always bring your own sanitation kit

Remember, it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared – especially when it comes to your safety. So include in your luggage a sanitation kit that consists of face masks, disposable gloves, alcohol-based sanitizer, toilet paper, and a waste bag. 

4. Wear face mask all the time

Need we say more? Wear your face mask every time you go out to protect yourself. If you’re worried about it ruining your OOTD, get yourself some stylish yet effective face masks. 

5. Limit interactions by going cashless

Paying through an online bank or app is faster, easier, and maintains a contactless transaction. So it’s best to download online payment apps before going on a trip to help you travel hassle-free. 

6. Maintain social distancing

As much as possible, avoid overcrowded tourist spots and maintain approximately 6 feet away from people. 

Keep these important points in mind when you’re ready to travel and gain new experiences. With our travel specialists, we guarantee you a safe and secure trip to your dream destinations. Plan your trips and book at World Juanderer now! 

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