Top 5 Tips for Juandering the Globe

A seasoned traveler is bound to collect memories, and with it, are unforgettable experiences to draw practical advice from. Here at WorldJuanderer, we believe in making the most out of your every vacation and in preparing you for what lies ahead.

So as your very own travel manager, we bring you helpful reminders to take with you on your escape, as you #JuanderWithUs and set out to see the world.

1.Know where the embassy is.

Do more than double check your itinerary. Sure, it’s great that you have a bucket list of things to try, but it wouldn’t hurt to know the important details to help you if and when you get in trouble.

Knowing the location of the Philippine embassy comes in handy when you lose or misplace your travel documents. Take for example the incident we had in Paris, which you can read here. I remember how we went to the embassy the moment we learned that my friend’s handbag was stolen, and how prompt their service was. The travel documents we needed were ready for pick-up the next day.


2. Charge your tech or bring extra battery

We love documenting our adventures, so it only makes sense to charge the devices we take with us. The underwater scenes we shot at Maldives would not have been possible if our cameras weren’t charged at full. Just imagine how much of a hassle it would be if we ran out of power in the middle of the ocean!


3. Reserve ahead of time

If you can help it, try not to leave everything up to chance. Always anticipate the fact that you might not be the only one who’s eager to see the places in your itinerary.

Pirka Tappanyaki, a sleek teppanyaki place we went to on our Niseko village escape is a fitting example. It’s a good thing we booked in advance as the line for restaurant fills up fast.


4. Get travel insurance

I cannot stress this one enough as it is something that applies to happened to me recently, which you can read more about here. Let’s just say that it made me realize the merits of planning ahead and prioritizing my own wellbeing. Having travel insurance secures you and prepares you for whatever travel emergency you might have to deal with.


5. Never be afraid to get help

Here at World Juanderer, we do more than search for the finest destinations to visit around the globe, we also make sure we safeguard every part of the trip.

From booking cruises to hotel reservations, land arrangements, car rentals, passport processing, and more, our travel specialists will gladly answer all your travel and booking queries.  So be part of the many exciting journeys made possible by World Juanderer. #JuanderWithUs and we’ll make sure we’re #WithYouWhileYoureOutThere.

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