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Cold-Climate Cruises: Voyages Across Winter Wonderlands

Many travelers associate their dream cruises with tropical paradise – from sugary-sand coastlines to exciting island nightlife. While this type of holiday remains popular among vacationers across the globe, they are also warming up to the idea of a cruise in colder destinations up North. According to a report by Forbes Magazine, colder climate destinations[…]


Literary Escapes: 2018’s Up and Coming Travel Trend

 Travel has been transformed by digital, with social media becoming an integral part of every vacation experience. Yet today, more and more jet setters are heading towards the opposite direction – that is, according to a 2018 trend report by Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Wanting to escape their connected way of life, they[…]

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#WorldJuanderer Recommends: Our Must-Visit Wine Regions For 2018

Connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the next great winemaking destination, as they search for even finer varieties and more unique wine tasting experiences. If you’re already thinking of which wine regions to visit next, let #WorldJuanderer guide you as we list down our favorite wine destinations this 2018. Wachau, Austria[…]

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A Memorable Family Cruise Across Central America

I always treasure making memories with family – all the more when we’re bonding together over something unique. That’s exactly what I set out to do with my dad, as we embarked on a stunning cruise all over the islands of North and Central America. Together with my dad, come #JuanderWithUs as we travel from[…]

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America’s Amazing Coastal Cities: From San Francisco To Miami

People go on different holidays for all kinds of reasons. Whether it’s a birthday trip in Morocco, or a sightseeing adventure with friends in Korea, it’s always fun travelling the world with a clear goal in mind. On my latest visit to North America, I planned on bonding with one of the most important people[…]


Experiencing Seoul’s Trendsetting Culture

Everyone today has their own idea of South Korea. With the country putting K-dramas, K-pop, fashion, and food on the map, it seems like everyone is in search of their own piece of Korean lifestyle. But what is life really like in one of Asia’s trendiest countries? #JuanderWithUs as I explore the food and shopping[…]