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America’s Amazing Coastal Cities: From San Francisco To Miami

People go on different holidays for all kinds of reasons. Whether it’s a birthday trip in Morocco, or a sightseeing adventure with friends in Korea, it’s always fun travelling the world with a clear goal in mind. On my latest visit to North America, I planned on bonding with one of the most important people[…]


Experiencing Seoul’s Trendsetting Culture

Everyone today has their own idea of South Korea. With the country putting K-dramas, K-pop, fashion, and food on the map, it seems like everyone is in search of their own piece of Korean lifestyle. But what is life really like in one of Asia’s trendiest countries? #JuanderWithUs as I explore the food and shopping[…]


Spending My Birthday in Enchanting Morocco

What’s your idea of a perfect birthday? Is it celebrating with a special meal at your favorite restaurant? A relaxing day spent with your loved ones? Or would you prefer to get away from it all, and treat yourself to an exciting adventure? As for me, I decided to do the latter, celebrating my birthday[…]


Adventures in Advocacy: Africa Is On The Jet-Set Radar

Travel’s taking on a new meaning. Jet setters today are going beyond their usual escapades, as they set their sights to more meaningful trips. Called “voluntourism” or “travel philanthropy”, high net-worth individuals are heading to Africa for causes dear to them, like wildlife conservation or education for young girls. As luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report[…]


A Special Summer For The Kids: Ideas For Your Euro-Getaway

Summer is about spending quality time with family, with unique experiences that bring you closer with the kids. Go beyond your idea of a tropical getaway, and let your children enjoy Europe’s wonderful amusement parks and pleasant azure beaches instead. This time of year, temperatures are soaring across Europe –which is why families are out[…]

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Dazzled By Inspiring Italy: From Rome to Pompeii

What comes to mind when you picture Italy? Is it ancient Rome? The Ferraris and Fendis?  Whatever your vision – this country becomes a thousand times greater, seen in person. Let’s start exploring Rome to Pompeii, in part one of my Italy blog series! Flying from Munich, I landed at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport at about[…]

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Germany: Exploring The Bavarian Fairytale of Munich

Picture Germany and you’d likely envision its fairytale castles, overflowing pints of Oktoberfest beer, and the industrial might of automobile makers BMW and Mercedes-Benz. This is what I exactly found in my latest trip to the country, in the picturesque city of Munich, where one can find pretty much everything –  sans the proverbial Berlin[…]


Relaxing In Santa Barbara County

California – it’s the home of gorgeous beaches, Silicon Valley, and of course, Hollywood. Still, the state’s wine industry is also notable, often held at the same prestige as French and Italian winemakers. But on one of my trips here, I skipped the well-known region of Napa Valley, and opted for a retreat down south,[…]